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If you have the need to ship pallets of merchandise, in Switzerland or abroad, Mail Boxes Etc. provides you with the Pallets shipping service. Handling of pallets is done by specialist teams in the management of spaces, loading and uloading procedures of warehouses.

  • Experts at each MBE Center can answer all questions relating to Packaging & Shipping to ensure that your shipment arrives safely

  • Contact every time withthe same team increases workflow efficiency and build sconfidence that your shipments are in goldhands

  • We have no external callcenter; you can call, write or visit us and each time you’ll talk to a MBE expert

  • Direct contact, typically through the Solution Manager’s cellphone number, is all you need to turn a crisis into a tailor-made solution

  • When shipping, not everything is allowed; you can rely on our advice for what is permitted and which courier to utilize

  • There is no need for having packing skills or packaging materials on hand (scales, tapeandboxes, chips, bubblewrap, labels, etc.): MBE has everything

  • We take care of weighing, measuring (do you know what the volumetricweight is?), storing or preparing your package for shipment

  • Even if your parcel is bulky or heavy, we can always find a suitable transportation solution

  • We can pick up your packages at your address and during time slots some couriers may not be available, but which are more convenient for you

  • Preparing the necessary documentation for international shipments can be quite complicated: we take care of it

  • A correct form designation can make the difference for a parcel in customs; our experience can help reduce delays obtaining authorizations or clearance

  • We provide labels and print your shipment waybills; give your printer a break and invest the time into more important activities

  • Our prices balance destination, transit times and other elements, assuring you the best solution for your needs

  • We track your parcels, from departure to delivery, and supply you with in-transit and delivery notifications

  • If a parcel is stuck, lost or is not deliverable, you do not have to manage the issue, we do it for you

  • Sometimes things can go wrong; when package is damaged, we contact the courier and open a claim on your behalf

  • Customers benefit from their relationships with MBE teams; your sending and invoicing data are securely saved and ready for your next shipment

  • Each courier has different expertise and strengths; our experience with many of them assures you the best choice for your shipments

  • Each courier has some restrictions for certain destinations; our experts know how to get your shipments almost everywhere

  • If you are a company, big or SME, we can consolidate shipments into a single monthly bill, allowing you to save time and achieve cost transparency

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