A mailing from Germany to France at an competitive price

A client who sells used vehicle spare parts throughout Europe discovered the MBE Center in Coesfeld. He needed to produce and send a mailing to more than 1.000 recipients in France. In cooperation with an MBE Center in Paris acting as a trans-shipment point, MBE could offer a singificantly more comprehensive and competitive package for postage handling requirement. MBE now coordinates and manages all the printing, addressing and deliveries of this clients international mailings.

Postal fees, especially trans-border can represent a significant part of the costs of a mailing. The reach of our international locations can, under the right logistics circumstances, yield real value to our clients.

Although the client had a used a large lettershop its mailing provider for many years, it was the value-engineering on the postage costs which was conivincing enough for his to try MBE. Thanks to the cooperation with our European colleagues, we can offer added value where other competitors cannot.